Check Yourself After Campaign

Check Yourself After Campaign
May 5, 2016 TheRIskIsNOTKNowing


The Check Yourself After Campaign is back at it spreading awareness of the need to frequently get tested. To find a location near you that offers free or low cost testing visit The campaign continues to have support from influential community leaders. Both Ramses Ja (local radio personality) and Aneesh (local radio personality) feel that getting the word out about awareness is important enough that they are willing to lend their image to help further the cause.

The campaign continues to promote frequent testing, syphilis symptom awareness and education. An STD is diagnosed every 18 minutes in Maricopa County. 80% of persons diagnosed with an STD will not experience symptoms. Women are 4x’s more likely to contract an STD than she is to become pregnant. When was the last time you were tested?


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